Choose The Right Towbar for Your Towing Needs

Towbar is crucial when towing dolly any kind of trailer. Hence, chossing the right kind of towbar is crucial in effectively towing a vehicle. Towbar comes in different sizes and shapes. So to help you out, here are the options that you may consider for your vehicle towing needs and requirements.

Swan Neck

In Europe, one of the most popular towbars is swan neck. These towbars are commonly used by manufacturers. The towbar will be attached with a swan neck tow bal. Usually, they resembale a rounded L-Shape or U-Shape. When it comes to modern towbars that are considered as vertical hitch, swan neck towbar resemblance is generally evident. However, this kind of towbar is not commonly used in some regions like Australia.

Horizontal Hitch

Horizontal Hitch is commonly used for hauling heavier loads. This kind of towbar utilizes a square tongue that connects to the hitch receiver. You can choose from am 50mm and 40 mm sizes.  50 mm horizontal hitch is used for heavy duty towing while a 40 mm is used for medium sized loads. If you are working on a weight distribution hitch, horizontal hitch towbar is the right tool to use.

Rear Step

If you are working on a 4WDs, rear step towbar is the right deal for you. Compared to other types of towbar, rear step is better to use ground clearance than a normal towbar. It is better to use for off-roading. This kind of towbar is also used in order to protrude the rear of the vehicle. 

Flat Tongue

Last on our list is Flat Tongue towbar. This kind of towbar features a detachable tow ball that fits  into a horizontal slot on the towbar. 

Regardless of your option, choosing the type of towbar will depend on your specific requirements and needs.

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