In What Ways You Can Run A Gaming Giveaway On Any Site?

One of the best ways to boost engagement and interaction with your platform is by running giveaways. Whether it’s a game, an app, or a physical product, giveaways can be an extremely successful tactic if run properly. There are several benefits associated with running these promotions for your brand. Increased exposure, Better user retention, Breakdown […]


Pokemon Goluckiest 10Km Hatched Ever

I am not here to piss off anyone. Just wanna share the joy of my previous 10KM egg and somethings that I had done through my Pokemon go account, which might have triggered this hatch pattern. So, after the update, I tried to do the “9 10KM egg” trick to try hatch some GenII baby […]


Pick N Chewed Pokemon Go Peaked

Despite the popularity of the augmented reality game, there are many people out there who can’t wait for the Pokemon Go craze to end and are even getting more Pokemon Go accounts through Now according to data from Google, it seems as though Pokemon Go peaked. Losing over 10 million users over the past […]


How To Get Diamonds, Creation Circle, Team Building Tips In The Idle Heroes! Read Out The Details Below!

In this idle heroes Guide, we are going to share some mind striking and essential tips and strategies so that you can get familiar with the things that you need to know, and this is how you can easily become the master of this game. Ideal heroes are the idle RPG game, which is developed […]


Why Is Test Cricket Followed So Much

Unless there are games as strong as hockey and basketball that can get especially stressful and a true stamina check for players because they barely get enough pause in a match, Test Cricket lies on the other hand. Your fitness and abilities are checked but in a very different manner. Test Cricket seems to be […]

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Online Games: Know The Basics Of Online Games

Online games have gained so much popularity, but still, people who don’t play are unaware of the exact term online gaming. Online games are video games that offer interactions with other people playing the game. Multiplayer online games are infinite that provide interesting maps and locations that help you to explore the game and meet […]


The Witcher 3- Play Safe and Learn More

The entire world is grappling with the corona virus pandemic that has taken the entire world in its grasp as a result of which everyone has been confined to their homes and has also been vehemently advised to maintain social distancing while out shopping for the essentials. As a result, the entire world is under […]

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5 Video Games That Will Rock This Summer

Summer is coming along and with it come familiar summer pastimes: baseball, a day at the beach, lemonade, and video games. I know there’s nothing specifically summery about video games, but for gamers every season is game season. Summer tends to be a bit of a sparse period(comparatively) for the release of video games, but […]


MechWarrior Online Preview

MechWarrior was a game in which I had been playing since I was a kid, the last of which being Mercenaries as I waited with anticipation for MechWarrior five to arrive. The announcement finally came in June of 2009 that MechWarrior 5 was indeed in production. You can imagine my excitement when I heard this […]