All About Cold Storage Of Bitcoins

Since the launch of bitcoins in 2009, the popularity of bitcoins is off the roof. You will find that everyone is into bitcoin trading and there are apps like Bitcoin Revolution that help aspiring traders to do well with crypto trading. Reading review of the Bitcoin Trading Bot will give you more information about all this. 

Now that you are into crypto trading it is really important that you keep your bitcoins safe. For that, you have cold storage methods that will help you in keeping your bitcoin safe from different online threats. Although as you use cold storage methods, it gets really difficult for you to get access to your bitcoins that easily. 

  • Starting with a paper wallet, you get a storage option in which you get your private and public keys printed on a piece of paper in the form of numeric codes or QR codes that you can scan in order to access your wallet.
    With this, you can keep all of your information safe from online threats. However, since all the relevant information of your account is there on that page it is really important that you keep it safe.
  • Hardware wallets are also popular when it comes to different storage methods. In this method, you use an external hard drive or flash drive to store your wallets. This way you get to keep your bitcoins safe from different online threats and you get the option to access them whenever you want. Moreover, these hard drives are more durable than paper wallets you need to make sure that you never lose them as there will be no possible way to retrieve your bitcoins once you lose your drive. 
  • Sound wallets are also there but due to their complicated storage process, there are not many people that are interested in opting for this method. With the help of a hidden audio code that is stored on a CD or a vinyl disk, you can access your wallet. 

These are the cold storage methods that are used for the storage of bitcoins. Besides that, there are deep cold storage methods that you can use to store bitcoins for longer periods of time.

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