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7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok, Thailand

Great temples with national treasures. Night streets with hustle and bustle. Markets with a variety of goods. Bangkok will make you get lost if this is the first time you have set foot on here. So if you want to know where to visit in this city, look at 7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok I will show you below.

The top tourist spot of Bangkok could be nowhere else but Grand Palace . Inside the campus of the palace is the complex of gold-plated temples.The most impressive structure is The Temple of Emerald Buddha where Emerald Buddha is placed. This Buddha statue is capable of glowing at night – one of the most valuable museum pieces of the Kingdom of Thailand. Thais believe that this ancient Buddha always brings them a prosperous and happy life. Besides the Buddha, there are some stupas where King’s ashes are kept along with a lot of priceless treasures.Located right next to Grand Palace, Wat Pho is also one of the most famous temples in the capital city of Thailand. Well-known for the gold-plated reclining Buddha with the length of 46m, the height of 15m, it is regarded as the biggest and most ancient temple in Bangkok.

This temple was built nearly 200 years ago (before Bangkok became the capital city).Besides, you can easily come across the image of gold Buddha statues in various shapes, ancient pictures showing traditional massage techniques of Thailand…This Western Town is bustling and vibrant, being an appealing destination for youngsters. Backpackers around the world flock here to be happy with beer, new friends, music and street food in Bangkok. The concept of time seems not to exist in this area.Outdoor shops have a lot of items like T-shirt, shoes, glasses, crafts with the reasonable price.

Khao San is the most crowded in the early morning and at night. Interesting experiences you should try are drinking beer, dancing to music and having foot massage in the street.Unlike noisy night markets selling food or souvenirs, Pak Klong Talad is a special market area specializing in fresh flower. It is situated in Chak Phet Street, near Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge) in Bangkok. Dubbed the largest flower market in this city, Pak Klong Talad is really a must-see place for those who love fresh flower and bonsai. Coming here, you can find a variety of flowers: rose, lily, orchid, gerbera, tulip,…I’m sure that all people who have the chance to come here feel comfortable and relaxed with stalls of colorful flowers.Bangkok is renowned for not only luxury shopping malls but also paradises to buying good quality items with low price.

Chatuchak is one of such areas. You can seek all types of goods in Chatuchak from clothes, food, and furniture to cosmetics… It is said to be the world’s largest weekend market.In tourists’ eyes, it is like a labyrinth in which they can get lost anytime if they become careless. If you like something in here, pay money to have it immediately. Why? Because it’s difficult to find out the way to return once you go.Originated from the Mekong, Chao Phraya River flows through the west of Bangkok, dividing into some branches surrounding the city. Interlacing canal system creates a poetic landscape for Bangkok. That explains why it is dubbed “Venice of the East”.

Coming here, visitors will have a chance to admire the gorgeous beauty of rivers, ancient pagodas, King’s castle and schools of fish.Lying on the bank of Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is a destination that you shouldn’t miss in Bangkok. One of the most outstanding features of the temple is the reflection of first light in the morning with pearly iridescence.Visitors can find it easy to realize that Wat Arun is the most magnificent temple in Bangkok due to its different architecture compared to other temples.

This most ancient temple of Bangkok is also known as the symbol of Thailand tourism Above destinations are famous landmarks in Bangkok which attract both Thais and international tourists. Don’t forget to visit all of them if you have enough time. Enjoy your trip with such beautiful places! For planning a trip to different places, the selection of the correct car renting services should be there. Along with services offering, Leiebilnord will provide guidance to the people and increase the enjoyment of the customers. The beauty of the beautiful place is enjoyed with the best services. 

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